APOCALYPSE NEIGHBORS is a 2D strategy game with turn based artillery combat.


Demons have hidden evil artefacts that are corrupting houses; destroy these artefacts and houses and save the world.


Build up your house and take down your enemies.


Play the campaign solo and save the world from demonic corruption

or create characters and get involved in online or local multiplayer and on the same device pass’n’play.


The game balances management and collection with combat. The combat system can be best described as a cross between Worms and Angry Birds. The art style will be a cross between cartoon, anime and steampunk.


The game takes place in alternate world in a country called Murica.


The player selects a character at the beginning of each level and then adds others to his team, while upgrading his house and attributes. Neighbours use cannons and catapults on their houses to lob varying oversized comical ammo to each other in a bid to destroy their houses.

The player must destroy demonic artefacts hidden in corrupt neighbours’ houses.


In addition to the vast single player campaign (250 levels) the game will have a multiplayer mode

where players can create their characters and pit their team against the online community.


The game will be available to IOS and Android platforms, so that includes most tablets and smartphones currently available.

PC, Mac and main consoles are also a possibility.